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3 Fun Hula Hoop Games for Kids and Adults

September 21, 2015 2 min read

3 Fun Hula Hoop Games for Kids and Adults - Hoop Empire

Three fun games to add to your hula hoop classes for kids & adults. Inspiring creativity and confidence, these games are designed to be fun & easy to play.

Butterfly Island- Start by setting up a number of hoops together in the middle of the space on the floor to represent an Island - the number of hoops will be slightly less than the number of players. Each hoop star starts with two hoops. As the music plays they can hoop with both hoops on body, off body, one on and one off or making shapes and whirling. When the music stops they must get their butterfly wings on and fly to the central Island. If they don’t make it into one of the hoops at the centre with their butterfly wings on, they need to give away one of their hoops to the Island Collector (you) who will also collect more Island hoops. The music plays again as they hoop with either one or two hoops, depending on what’s left, and when the music stops they must again get their one or two hoop butterfly wings on and fly to the central Island. If they do not make it to one of the “Island” hoops, they need to give away another hoop to the Hoop Collector who again, will collect more Island hoops. If they have no hoops left, they must dance to the music as it plays and when the music stops fly with their imaginary hoop wings to the centre. Continue until there is only hoop left on the Central Island. The winner is the person who makes it to the last Hoop Island with both wings on. “Flyers-up” may also be considered for winning titles such as the best one-wing or wingless Butterlfy dancer.

Spin Animals - Start with everyone hooping in whatever way they want with music playing. When the music stops call out an animal that the players have to interpret with their hoops, ideally with them spinning. Encourage the Hoop Animals to make the noise of that animal - this is their moment to be as WILD as they like so let them let it out! Before the music continues, they must spin around in a circle with their hoops as they start another round. Popular animals are Lions, Tigers, Snakes, Giraffes, Monkeys, Hoopatomus and Toucans. It is also a good idea to ask the hoop stars what jungle animal they would like to be.

Hoop Disco - Are you ready to dance? We are going to the Hoop Disco! This is a space to get your groove on with different songs indicating which moves to rock out with. At the hoop dance party we explore the hularina, Macarina, Saturday Night fever, disco arms, grapevines, the swim, a little bit of shufflin’, some hip hop moves and even gymnastic style cartwheels. When you hear the song, you know the moves - rock them out! When the music stops freeze in your favourite hoop star position. At this stage, there is most likley going to be prizes for most creative hoop dancers and those who really rock it out! 

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