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Choosing the Right Size Hula Hoop - The Ultimate Guide

January 25, 2023 5 min read

Choosing the Right Size Hula Hoop - The Ultimate Guide - Hoop Empire


What size hula hoop should you get? Are weighted hula hoops best?  

The most common problem beginner hoopers have is choosing the right hula hoop size for their particular purpose. 

If you are a beginner looking for yourself or another, this hoop chooser will spin you to the most perfect hula hoop for you!

After 20+ years of handcrafting thousands of hula hoops, I’ve created for you the ultimate hula hoop buyer’s guide for choosing the right size hula hoop with the right weight.     

We've recently transformed our collection to make choosing your hoop easier and more eco-friendly.  

Most of our hoops are now made with recycled plastic and ship in a box. They coil, they fold, they pop into shape and they spin like a dream.

Read more about our new eco hoop here 

3 FREE video lessons are included with our Weighted Fitness Hula HoopsDance Hula Hoops and Glam Hoops to get you on your hoop way PLUS a 5 year warranty.

We ship throughout Australia and worldwide. You will find our shipping and returns policy here   

The best hula hoop for beginners is a weighted hula hoop. 

To learn how to hula hoop, choose a bigger and heavier hoop that spins slower, giving you more time to connect with it. 

But you don't want your hoop to be too be heavy or it may hurt your body, especially if you are new to hula hooping. Think about it - would you go heavy duty with any kind of new workout? Hula hoops over 1kg/2lbs are not our recommendation. 

All of our hoops are weighted in the manufacturing process for the best results and the ultimate hooping experience. We base our weights on what what works for different people with different hoop goals. Generally speaking, most people who want to hoop on their body prefer a heavier hoop.

New Eco Hoops Are Here!

Our new range of Dance, Fitness and Glam hoops are made with post-consumer recycled plastic - before they were hula hoops they were water bottles. This revolution has been a long time coming and something we feel strongly committed to with circular design and production practices. 

This fab new range of hoops also feature a new unbreakable metal joiner that clicks together securely and disassembles easily. This allows us to ship your hoop in a box and allows you to take it with you wherever you go without any hassles. 

Read more about our new Eco Hula Hoops here


Fitness Hoops | Dance Hoops | Glam Hoops | LED Light Hoops 

Weighted Fitness Hula Hoop Australia High Quality - Hoop Empire

If you're looking for a hula hoop workout, and you are curvy, our Fitness Hoop is for you.

This is our recommended hula hoop for plus-size hula hoopers who want to trim their tum while having fun or if you just want a heavy hoop.

Ideal for hooping on the waist and hips. 

Weighs: 500grams/1lb 
Tubing: 25mm 

Full details are below.  

Dance Hula Hoops Australia High Quality - Hoop Empire

Dance Hula Hoops spin like a dream on the body and in the hands for adults and kids.

Our dance hoops are ideal for on-body hooping for average sized adults and kids. See our size guide below.

Dance hoops are also perfect for learning fun hula hoop tricks in the hands.

Weighs: 380gm
Tubing: 20mm 

More details below. 

 Glam Hoops are back for the Hoopy Holiday Season!

The purrrfect gift hula hoop with that extra bit of sparkle and fun!

Suitable for kids and adults of all ages and sizes.

Made with our Eco Dance Hoop and decorated with glam tapes. Available in Lite (a splash of tape) and Pop (fully taped).

Weighs: 400gm
Tubing: 20mm 

LED Light Hula Hoop Australia High Quality - Hoop Empire Our LED Light Hoop is the ultimate hula hoop for gifts, parties, festivals and show time! 

Suitable for both adults & kids. The Rainbow Unicorn LED Hoop is a hoop fan favourite.

Strong, dynamic and absolutely stunning! 

Our light up hoop has 300 settings including rainbow, single colour selections, dynamic light patterns and a menu to save your favourite settings. 

Includes a 3 year warranty + customer support. 

Weighs: 420gm | Tubing: 19mm

3 FREE video lessons are included with Dance, Fitness + Glam hoops!
Learn how to hula hoop with lessons from the Hoop Body Workout and Hoop Magic courses.  

All of our hoops ship coiled down in a box for easier, faster and safer delivery. Great for your own personal hoop travel too!   

We offer a 5 year warranty on our Eco Hoops and FREE annual tape touch up on decorated hoops. We offer a 3 year warranty on our LED Light hula hoop. 

We weight our hoops through the manufacturing process. We also offer extra weights, of up to 1kg for our Weighted Fitness Hoop, upon request.

Recommended hula hoop sizes for adults and kids range depending on body size. See size guide below.

PRO-TIP FOR BEGINNERS: the bigger the hula hoop, the easier it is to spin!



Dance hoops are the ideal hula hoops for both adults and kids.

Recommended sizes: 100cm (39in) for adults.  85cm (33in) for kids aged 5-12.*

* These sizes are recommended for average sized adults and kids. See size guide below. 

Weighs: 380grams (13oz/0.8 lb) | Tubing thickness: 20mm (3/4in)

Free custom sizing is available upon request. For custom sizing, choose the size closest to your preference and add a note to the order form for your preferred size.   


100cm (39in) for average sized adult beginners.  

95cm (36in) for petite adults & teenage beginners.

90cm (35in) for experienced and petite adults, teenagers, kids aged 7+ with bigger bodies.

85cm (33in) for average sized kids aged 5-12.

75cm (29in) for kids aged 3-5 or pro hoopers. 

108cm (42in) Eco Fitness Hoop for plus-sized adults. 

SHOP Eco Dance Hula Hoop here


Weighted Fitness hula hoops are the besthoops for adult hoopers with bigger bodies. 

Our fitness hoops are ideal for plus-sized or curvy hoopers who want to learn how to hula hoop on the waist for exercise, fitness and weight loss.  

Hooping in the hands is still possible with these fitness hoops!

Our Eco Fitness hoops are available in one standard size: 108cm (42in) for plus-size adults. 

Weighs: 500grams (1.1lb) | Tubing thickness: 25mm (1 inch)

Custom sizes below our standard 108cm Fitness Hoop are available for smaller sized hoopers who want a heavier, weighted hula hoop experience.

We also custom make our weighted hula hoops up to 1kg upon request. Email your request to 

SHOP Eco Fitness Hula Hoop here

SHOP Rainbow Unicorn LED Light Hula Hoop here     


Hula Hoops On Sale Australia - Hoop Empire - 50% OFF Limited Stock


As we transition to our new hoop collection we have a selection of sample hula hoops on sale at 50% OFF!

These hula hoops will be discontinued once sold so get in quick! 

See our Sample Hoop Sale here


Customers choose hula hoops based on all kinds of factors. 

Here’s some common considerations and our recommendations.

Looking for the most cost effective and/or environmentally friendly hoop?
Choose: Eco Dance Hoop or Eco Fitness Hoop in the Naked model.

Want to learn more advanced hoop moves, like hooping on the chest or legs?
Choose: Eco Dance Hoop or Eco Fitness Hoop in Sports style. 

Bling is your thing and you want your hoop to sparkle and shine?
Choose: Eco Dance Hoop or Eco Fitness Hoop in Glam style
OR spin the light fantastic and choose the Rainbow Unicorn LED Hoop

Want a weighted hula hoop?
Choose: any Hoop Empire hula hoops. All of our hula hoops are medium weighted for easier hooping. Our Eco Fitness Hoop is the heaviest and our recommended weight for a fitness hoop. We weight our hula hoops through our manufacturing process. We’re also happy to add extra weight to your fitness hoop if that’s your thing. Just drop us an email. 


Your body is curvy and smaller hoops have never worked?
Choose: Eco Fitness Hoop

Your hoop is for a small child under the age of 5?
Choose: Eco Dance Hoop with a custom size request for 75cm. Select 85cm and add a note to your order form.

You still don’t know which one?
Send us an email with your dilemma and we will get back to you with our suggestion. Email:

Thank you for choosing Hoop Empire and we hope this buyer’s guide has been helpful!

Hoop Empire - High Quality Hula Hoops Australia