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Hula Hoop Foundations for Beginners

Learn how to hula hoop with Bunny Star. 

The Hoop Body Workout is an easy-to-follow online hula hoop course that introduces you to the foundations of waist hooping with a focus on the best techniques to support your body.

Your instructor, Bunny Star, will guide you through 4 x 20-minute beginner-level lessons that will set you up for hours of hoop fit fun while building a sustainable practice. 

Each lesson is divided into 5-minute segments, so you can take the course at your own pace without being overwhelmed or exhausted. You can also stream the entire 80-minute course in a single session.

While the recommended training period for this course is 1-3 times a week for 4 weeks, once you sign up you will have access to the complete course.

Upon signup, you will receive an email with instant access to your own private learning portal where you will receive video, audio, and written instructions. 

The Hoop Body Workout is ideal for total beginner hula hoopers who want good technique and a gently paced course. 

Course details are below. Let's get your hoop ON!

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