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Teaching Tips for a Successful Hula Hoop Class (And Life) #3

September 02, 2015 2 min read

Teaching Tips for a Successful Hula Hoop Class (And Life) #3 - Hoop Empire

Teaching Tips for a Successful Hula Hoop Class (And Life)

What are the deeper aspects of cultivating joy? What are we actually developing - beyond the tricks - as we move around the class (and life) checking in on an individual and collective level?

This blog series is for teachers and students of both the hoop and life.

I see the hoop as a portal or a passageway to understand life’s mysteries. Within the hoop’s spin - and the way we interact with it - lie countless insights on how we engage and disengage, connect and disconnect, explore and introspect, how we face challenge and wear victory.

As we lead ourselves and others through the jungle of life, what equipment do we need to keep moving through our own personal wilderness in a way that connects us with joy and cultivates growth?

In sitting with these questions, the answer (an answer) hit me in the head just last night like a bolt of lightning. It occurred to me that this answer may even be THE KEY that opens the door to the dream life and the ultimate hoop experience.

What ONE thing do you need for joyful living and hooping?

You need to feel (and be) empowered.

When you are empowered, you:

  • choose your experience of whatever is happening in the moment.
  • know how to transcend fear and frustration.
  • feel supported and if you don't, you know how to ask for it.
  • give others and yourself kindness, compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love.
  • enjoy the journey of mastering all those brain-twisting hoop challenges.
  • hold the power to stand up to life like the bad-ass you are.

From a place of empowerment, everything flows. The hoop spins a little more smoothly, the class rocks out a tad harder, your personal practice takes you to the next level... life just seems easier. And when it doesn't flow, know that you can choose your experience of that too.

From a place of empowerment is choice. 


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