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Dance Hula Hoop Value Packs

Dance hula hoop value packs are the best way to pump up your hoop jam at the best price. Twin packs and multi hoop party packs are now available!

All value packs include 3 FREE Video lessons and a 5 year warranty.

Twin Pack Colours - includes 2 hula hoops in the same or different colours. Select your colour for 2 hoops in the same colour OR ‘Mixed’ for different colours and add a note to your order form of your colour choice.

Party Pack Colours -  includes 5 dance hoops. Select your colour for 5 hoops in the same colour OR ‘Mixed’ for a party pack with one in each colour.

Size - our value packs come in two standard sizes: 85cm for kids or experienced hoopers and 100cm for adults. Custom or mixed sizing is available upon request. For custom sizing, select either size from the drop down menu and add a note to your order form for sizes 75cm-100cm.

Weight: approximately 380grams / 0.8lb

Tubing size: 20mm / 3/4 inch (0.74")

Tubing type: post-consumer recycled plastic.


100cm (39in) for average sized adult beginners.  

95cm (36in) for petite adults & teenage beginners.

90cm (35in) for experienced and petite adults, teenagers, kids aged 7+ with bigger bodies.

85cm (33in) for average sized kids aged 5-12.

75cm (29in) for kids aged 3-5 or pro hoopers. 

Get your hula hoop party started!