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Sydney Kids Hula Hoop Classes

Hula Hoop Classes for Kids Sydney

Invite the hoopla into your community and watch the excitement explode! Hula hoop classes for kids are the ultimate FUN.

Having captured the hoopy hearts of children since 2005, we know how to ride wild waves of the Hoopiverse! Suited to kids 5+ hula hooping is a fantastic way to amp up the fun with playful learning for school and out of school activity programs.

Our hula hoop classes for kids are ideal for school or after school care activities, vacation care and private groups for both primary and secondary students.

Hooping captures the interest of children like no other. Using a combination of circus tricks and hoop dance moves, our kids hula hoop classes engage children to build fitness, coordination, confidence and social skill while having a whole lot of fun.

Hooping promotes fun fitness and social play while developing creative movement skills, self expression, team play, confidence and self esteem.

The hula hoop transforms children into hoop stars and puts the sparkle on any school or community gathering simply because it's SO MUCH FUN!


“I cannot recommend Hoop Empire highly enough. Bunny has been providing hooping classes at our active after school care program for approximately 5 years. The children love hooping and developing their skills and the interaction which they have with Bunny and the staff, who have also learnt to hoop. We have watched our children who have been fortunate enough to hoop with Bunny each term become truly amazing hoopers. Hoop Empire is now a permanent deliverer to our AASC program each year.” Gayle Rowe, Collaroy Plateau OOSH

“Bunny’s hooping programs are full of fun for the children and cater for all ages and abilities. Hooping is a great activity because it can be practiced with friends or by yourself thus allowing children to be active in any environment.” Leisl Stimpson, Regional Coordinator AASC Program, Australian Sports Commission

“I want to personally thank you for your amazing classes each week and the inspiration and energy that you give our children. We all love the day you come to our school.” Enid, St Ives Public School