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Rainbow Unicorn LED Hula Hoop

Light Up Hula Hoops for adults and kids!

In the mood for an LED Hula Hoop? Australia's original LED light-up hula hoop - the Rainbow Unicorn. 

The Rainbow Unicorn LED Hula Hoop is our premium glow hoop that will spin your hooping experience into another dimension!

These blinged-out babies have 300 settings with a remote control that stores 16 of your favourites.

Settings include a variety of rainbows, single colour selections, multiple colour patterns, abacus-flow, and 10-stop light speed adjustment to match your music tempo.  

You can also coil your hoop down for easy transport.

We offer immediate local customer service and support. 

Express Post delivery + local pickup in Sydney are available.

Full product features and customer reviews are below.

    20mm (3/4in) Durable HDPE tubing

    OD (Outside Diameter) / ID (Inside Diameter)

    1. 160 LED: OD 88cm (35in) / ID 85cm (33in)
    2. 80 LED: 88cm (35in) OD / 85cm (33in) ID
    3. 26 LED: 85cm (33in) OD / 83cm (31in) ID
    1. 300+ settings
    2. 16 favourites menu
    3. Coils down to 40cm for travel
    4. Weighs 420gm (15oz)
    5. Tubing thickness: 19mm (3/4in)
    6. 10-step Speed Adjustment
    7. ~3 hrs battery life, charger included
    8. 32-step Brightness (single colour modes)
    1. Digital LED Hula Hoop
    2. RF Remote Control
    3. Charger (Australian Plug, SAA Approved)
    4. User guide
    5. 12 Month Warranty
    6. Immediate local customer service
    1. Daily shipping service worldwide.
    2. Free local pickup in Sydney
    3. See our Shipping & Returns policy
    4. Local product support
    5. Replacement parts available

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