“If you have a desire to share your love of hooping with the world, educate children and get the younger generation wiggling, you need to enrol in this course.” Caitlyn

“I took the Hoop Kids program because I wanted to learn skills and develop confidence teaching kids hoopla. What I most got out of it was developing confidence to teach kids to hula hoop and learning some strategies to manage the fears and doubts in my mind. Now I am ready to go forth and hoop! I want to infiltrate child care centres, primary schools, secondary schools, parties, holiday programs, parks… and bring Hooptopia and joy spirals to all!” Donna

“This course has provided me with an opportunity to consider, in a structured and developmental framework, how to approach hoop teaching to children. It has encouraged me to explore at a deeper level why it is that I hoop, and why it is that I want to share this gift with others. The course has presented a good combination of theory, technique, and creative and conceptual components which I have found satisfying, challenging and well-rounded.” Eva

“I took the Hoop Kids program because I wanted to start teaching hoops in general. What I most got out of it was the realisation that the thought of teaching children excites me just as much, if not more than my original idea of teaching adults. Now I am ready to plan my exit from my full time job and become a professional hula hoop dance teacher by the end of 2014.” Caitlyn

“I took the Hoop Kids program because…I want to share the joy and fun of hooping.  What I most got out of it was…a motivation to create a hoop career and the realisation that hooping for me is all about connection to our Self, to others and to the Earth and how much I wish to share that information with the world. Now I am ready to…spread my wings.” Jacki

Hoop Kids - Teacher Training Package Downloadable

$99.00 $349.00 + GST


As you learn to lead fun and high energy hula hoop classes for children aged 4-12, the Hoop Kids program is designed to support you. After more than a decade of teaching kids how to hoop, I’ve collected many valuable gems that have created countless successful kids hoop classes and the key components of the Hoop Kids program. Within this program I will share with you a treasure chest of tricks, tips and insights.

This self-directed multimedia learning package supports you in developing your Hoop Guru leadership skills. A comprehensive training program to teach kids how to hoop including teaching theory, class curriculum, study workbook and instructional videos.

The downloadable multimedia package includes:

  • 3 Training Manuals
  • 7 Video Lessons
  • 7 Class Teaching Curriculum

PLUS as bonus material you will receive:

  • Hooping for Beginners Digital course

Is Hoop Kids for You?

  • You are hooper who wants to share hoop joy with kids
  • You are a youth leader who hoops and now you want to teach it
  • You have at least 6 months spin time under your hoop belt
  • You are seriously into fun, colour and creative movement education
  • You want a structured curriculum with fun and engaging games
  • Your answer is YES but you are not sure how

 For more information on the Hoop Kids Teacher Training Program click here

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