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How to Hula Hoop in 3 Easy Steps + Free Video Lesson

July 22, 2023 2 min read

How to Hula Hoop in 3 Easy Steps + Free Video Lesson - Hoop Empire

Hula hooping looks easy enough, but have you ever given it a whirl only to feel it fall to the ground within seconds?  

What’s the trick to getting your hoop on and keeping it on? Read my top 3 tips for successful hula hooping and watch my free video lesson below.  

        1. Centre

Hula hooping is all about being centred. Think about your body like it’s a pole or a spinning top, and your belly button as the central point of contact.

To prepare, hold your hula hoop against your lower back with hands wide open and close to your body. As you push the hoop off into a spin, connect the palm of your hand with your belly button then lift it away, as shown in the video below. 
This will spin your hula hoop on a flat plane, making it easier for you to stay centred and connected as the hoop spins.

Push the hoop from your your core in an outward direction.

Raise your arms in the air for more alignment, balance and super hooper power! 

         2. Connect

Connect with the hoop at your belly button each and every time you feel the hoop make contact.

Push against the hoop with your core to propel it.

Close your eyes and count your pushes to draw focus to the movement and your improvement. Count your personal best!

Initially, feel your body rocking back and forth as it connects with the hoop, but don't rock your feet. Your core is the control centre while your feet keep you grounded. Activate your core awareness and don't forget to breathe.


        3. Spin

As you push your hoop off with a flat spin, spin your body in the same direction to increase momentum of the hoop. Don’t be afraid to lift off, but do make sure you have lots of space around you, especially if you are indoors.

Keep your body spin small - preferably on the spot and feel your hula hoop spin with your body. 

The video lesson below is one of the first lessons from the Hoop Body Workout. Beginner hula hoop tricks are covered in this course in the following lessons.

You can download the full course here 

Hoop hugs!

B. Star x o