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Beginner Hula Hoop Tricks

Learn beginner hula hoop tricks with Bunny Hoop Star!

Suitable for new hoopers of all ages.   

HOOP MAGIC is a super fun online course for adults and kids where I share my most treasured hula hoop tricks.

Over 13 lessons, you will learn how to whirl your hoop through the Hoopiverse with exciting tricks and moves.

* Learn how to whip the hoop on and off your body in a Lasso.

* Nail everyone's favourite trick - The Isolation. 

* Get your hoop dance and shimmy on.

* Put all the tricks and moves into easy and fun sequences.

* Learn a performance routine... and more!

Each lesson includes an optional challenge and quiz to help you reach your hoop goals.

Add on an online or live private lesson with Bunny Star by selecting from the drop-down menu above. 

All course details are below!