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Rainbow Unicorn LED Hula Hoop

Light Up Hula Hoops for kids and adults!

In the mood for an LED Hula Hoop?
Australia's one and only LED light up hula hoop - the Rainbow Unicorn LED smart hoop!

NOW Available in two sizes:
160LED + 80LED: 88cm (35in) external diameter | 85cm (33in) internal diameter
26 LED: 85cm (33in) external diameter | 83cm (31in) internal diameter 

20mm (3/4in) HDPE tubing.


  • LED Light-up Hula Hoop
  • 300+ settings, 16 favourites menu
  • Coils down to 40cm for travel
  • 26, 80 & 160 LED models
  • 26LED - 85cm outside diameter (33in)
  • 80 + 160 LED - 88cm (35in) outside diameter
  • Durable 19mm HDPE tubing
  • Weighs 420gm (15oz)
  • 10-step Speed Adjustment
  • ~3 hrs battery life, charger included
  • RF Remote control
  • 32-step Brightness (single colour modes)


  • Digital LED Hula Hoop
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Immediate local customer service
  • Charger (Australian Plug, SAA Approved)
  • Instruction Booklet

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