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Bunny HoopStar's Embodied Astrology Reading

Astrology readings with a unique spin by Bunny HoopStar - a synthesised interpretation of your Western, Sidereal and Galactic Mayan signs.

Astrology chart readings are one of my specialties. I've been reading and writing astrology for as long as I have been hooping and practicing yoga which is now 28 years. The hoop eclipsed my star-studded circular path & now they meet again.

After many years of decoding natal charts, transits, progressions and composite partner charts - while simultaneously spinning up a stellar hula hoop career - I would now like to offer you a very unique reading.

Since learning Western Sun Sign astrology, I have also studied Sidereal astrology and the Galactic Mayan Dreamspell. As a result, my unique astrology readings incorporate an interpretation of your celestial alignment under all three systems.

I include current planetary transits and the evolution of your natal chart, known as progressions. To pop a cosmic cherry on this sweet galactic pie, I'm adding a special twist...

Because I am passionate about astrology, hooping, dance and yoga, my Embodied Astrology readings include guidance on how to establish - and maintain - a grounded creative movement practice in your life. 


What will you need to create my report?

For the full star picture, I need your date, time and location of birth.

What if I don't know or can't get my birth time?

No problem. I will focus on your Galactic Mayan chart - which doesn't require your birth time - and add elements of what I can read from Western and Sidereal astrology that also do not require your birth time. 

What will I receive?

A written report that includes my interpretation of your natal charts, current planetary transits, progressions, Galactic Mayan blueprint and your individualised creative movement guide. You will also receive several diagrams to show you the symbols and patterns that I base my readings on.

Anything else?

Only because I'm a Libran! I will also include any heart throb astro insights (i.e map your chart against another's) but I must get the explicit (written) permission from your other half. You know why ;) 

Can we connect for questions?

Of course we can! A complimentary 60 minute meeting online, phone or in person is included in the price. 

What if I live on the other side of the world?

Babes, I am trans~galactic! The other side of the planet is a simple cyber breeze via the inter webs.

Where do you live Bunny HoopStar?

I live in Sydney, Australia and I travel often.


How do I get my cosmic download ASAP?

Simply add to cart above and I will contact you for details. 

Please make a note if this is a gift for another so i can prepare you a gift voucher. 

I look forward to downloading your cosmic program!

See you on the other side :)

Love, Bunny HoopStar xo