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Galactic Rainbow (GR) LED Hoop - FAQ

What is the GR LED Hoop?
The GR LED Hoop is an LED Hula-Hoop with up to 60 RGB LED's and 12 different settings.
What are some of the features of the GR LED Hoop?
For a full feature set, please see the product page here
Where is the GR LED Hoop made?
The GR is designed & assembled in Sydney, Australia from components manufactured all over the world.
How fragile / robust is the GR?
The GR is designed to be as robust as possible. It will withstand "normal" hula-hooping with no problem. Unlike standard hoops however, it contains lots of electronics and connections - if subjected to abnormal abuse / stress, it's possible it will malfunction in ways that normal hoops obviously cannot.