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If you've got any questions about Hoop Empire Hoop's, check the answers below. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us.

Hoop Questions

About the Hoop Empire Online Hula Hoop Shop


How long will my hoop last?
Under normal use, a long time! It helps if you don't sit on it or play tug of war with it and turn it into an egg. It also helps to not leave it out in the sun or use it in the pool! If you treat your hoop with love and care it will last a very long time. If stored indoors, not used against harsh surfaces and given lots of love and attention it should last for up to 3 years or more. The more wear and tear, the quicker the decorative tape will deteriorate. The key to preserving your hoop is simply taking good care of it, particularly if it is used outdoors.

What should I do if my hoop breaks?
If your hoop breaks please contact the Empire immediately and will send emergency advice and backup procedures.

How long will my hoop take to arrive?
Your hoop will arrive within 3-4 working days of order and payment.

How does my Hoop get shipped?
Your hoop will be wrapped in bubble wrap packaging then shipped via Australia Post post which will have a tracking number that we will email you.

Can I pick my hoop up from your warehouse?
Yes! We are located in Sydney so feel free to drop us an email and drop into our Hoop Factory. We have two main locations in Frenchs Forest and North Sydney.

What if my hoop arrives broken?
It has never happened but Hoop Gods forbid, if it does, please contact us immediately and we will send an emergency backup.

What forms of payment do you take?
Paypal, credit card or direct bank deposit. 

How can I see my past orders?
On your account page at the Hoop Empire shop.
What if I change my mind about the hoop I ordered?
Contact us as soon as possible if you change your mind so that we can make alternate arrangements.

Can I get a bulk discount?
Yes please email us with your request.