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Adult and Corporate Parties

Corporate Entertainment Hula Hoop Light Shows

Turn your party into an intergalactic experience!

Your guests have arrived at your special soiree. The lighting is ambient, there's a mood in the air and everyone is settling in to enjoy the night.

All of a sudden, the lighting changes signalling something exciting is about to happen... You seen one, possibly two, maybe even three Galactic Hoop Stars appear before your eyes! With a swirl and swoosh these Cosmic Space Babes set the party alight with an hula hoop show quite unlike any other.

The costumes, the moves, the lights! Your guests are blown away to another Galaxy and back as these Cosmic Space Divas swirl up a magical vortex of movement, dance and light fantastica! #PartyWin

Since 2005, Hoop Empire has been landing at events all over Sydney, Australia and across Planet Earth offering the ultimate FUN at special events. The perfect choice for all parties including corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, hens nights, club discos, Christmas and New Year's events.