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Teaching Tips for Successful Hula Hoop Classes #1

August 19, 2015 2 min read

Teaching Tips for Successful Hula Hoop Classes #1 - Hoop Empire

Teaching Tips for Hula Hoop Classes

What does it take to teach a kick-A hula hoop class where everyone is having the time of their life and no one wants it to end? Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you some of my top teaching tips that keep the hoop stars firmly in the hoop and coming back for more.

Even with hula hoops, students both young and young at heart can become easily bored and hoop teachers drained from all that spinning.

Unless enjoyment can be sustained on both sides of the hoop there will be a limit to how successful the class can be. Holding the hoop stars’ attention is one thing; maintaining their interest and enthusiasm, along with your love of the hoop when it becomes your non stop swirling fun job, is another.

What does it take to enjoy the hoop beyond the possibility of any and all disinterest?

I believe it takes enjoyment of life as a mandate! Your very own instruction to stay open in your explorations of creative movement in all forms and to welcome the opportunity to share what you enjoy. 

Going beyond an interest in having a skill to share deepens the journey.

What attracts the hoop stars to you as their guide and mentor? A process of self awareness, inquiry and personal development becomes part of the teaching journey. 

Learning to read the experience of your class, audience and your self is an essential part of gauging levels of enjoyment and guiding them accordingly.

It is like an antenna monitoring the fun factor. My suggestion is to have your bag of tricks on standby and to be as flexible as possible in your attitude and teaching strategies.

Having a solid class plan is a great foundation from which to work from and adapt wherever necessary.

Discovering your own source of enjoyment both in and out of the hoop is essential!

Image - Siobhan at Movement and Flow 2013.