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Hoop Yourself to Happiness

July 05, 2015 1 min read

Hoop Yourself to Happiness - Hoop Empire

The hula hoop was invented as a children’s toy in 1958, but in recent years the 50s fad has evolved into a modern day subculture of ‘hooping’ which has spread across the world.

Performance hooping originally emerged through the world of circus, but outside the confines of the big-top it has gained so much popularity that an entire subculture has been spawned.

Hooping has become a common sight at major international festivals such as Burning Man, Rainbow Serpent, Boom and Coachella. It is not only popular as a high calorie burning workout, it has also sparked a revolutionary movement advocating the meditative and relaxation qualities of hooping which, for many people, has proven to be an effective strategy for fighting mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Bunny Hoop Star, lead Hoop Empire instructor, has been teaching hula hooping since 2005 in Sydney, Australia and across the world. 

With more than two decades of hooping experience, Bunny firmly believes that hooping is an effective way to overcome symptoms of depression and anxiety, describing it as “soul medicine.”

“When you hoop, you are forced to bring your awareness into the body and away from the mind. This kind of shift in focus facilitates a shift in perspective and energy.”

“Hooping teaches balance, release, relaxation and cultivation of compassion and patience.”

Photo by Bunny Star