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The Hidden Benefits & Challenges of Hooping

May 27, 2016 3 min read

The Hidden Benefits & Challenges of Hooping - Hoop Empire

Benefits and Challenges of Hula Hooping

As you dive into the portal of the hula hoop, expect the unexpected.

After 22 years of personal practice and more than a decade of teaching le hoop, I’ve identified several hidden gems (and a few gremlins) that hooping has to offer.

As you experience an expansive journey of creative movement and skill development in the hoop, you will quickly discover that the physical benefits are just the beginning.

What lies hidden beneath the physical surface of your hoop practice?

Firstly, a solid hoop practice, like any other practice, cultivatescommitmentIt takes courage to throw yourself into a room full of strangers, or a solitary practice, to figure this spinning shiz out. You can do it! Take the commitment. It’s fun :)

Second, the hoop is a turbo poweredconfidence booster. Trick victories pump your Hoop Diva status and turn you into a bad-ass.

Not only will you feel good about what you can do but you will notice an increase in how amazing you feel about yourself. As confidence feeds your self-esteem you relax more into yourself and life. That's a #WIN!

But what about those gremlins?

What are the possible pitfalls, challenges or stumbling blocks that the hoop could possibly throw at you?

Because the hoop has such a performative and social edge, it commands of you yourego - name it, tame it and keep spinning!

Even (and especially) when you first start hooping, that piece of plastic can be intimidating - engage ego to obliterate self doubt; disengage ego when you are flying high with success. 

Rule of thumb: think of your ego as your own personal superhero - make the call for necessary (and momentary) boosts of superpower* but don't wear yo superhero out grrrl. S/he can get scratchy! Next...

You’re a total hooping bad-ass. You jam. Your hoop collection is enviable. People look at you strangely as you spin around town laden with hoops in varying degrees of glamour. You don’t care - you know they know what they’re missing out on.

The hoop has become your lifeobsession. Your living room morphs into a space station for circles only. Crammed with hoops, empty of furniture and the occasional broken light… roomies have to deal - you need that space. And the hoops. And the tripod.And the lighting. Or else. 

You live, breathe and sleep with your hoop. Oolala!

That a piece of plastic can create this impact blows my mind.

Believe it or not, the hoop has triggered many human breakups as it spins its sweet way to the top of your life goals and priorities.

To be honest, I have very little advice on dealing with hoop obsession since I am yet to master it myself. I will say, remember your long lost friends, make sure you have a backup hobby and… may the Force be with you.

The last gremlin that I wish to mention is something that spins very close to my heart.

It’s aboutlove

Love is a lot like hooping - it’s tricky. Handy for us hoopers… we train.

Hooping, like love, can really steal your heart and shred it just as easily. Like any relationship, the one you have with your personal movement practice can shape your life in extraordinary ways. Handle with care.

So brace yourself, this is a wild ride you are on! Take it as lightly or deeply as you like. The hoop has the power to activate exciting and creative transformations in your life. Open up and let the journey spin.


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Image - Street Art found in Enmore, Sydney

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