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UV PolyPro Glow Hula Hoop

UV PolyPro Glow Hula Hoops are The. Best. FUN!  Say hello to the Solar Eclipse. 

A lightweight PolyPro hoop with a high gloss sparkle tape that glows like a light hoop under UV light. 

Solar Eclipse is the perfect hoop for hula hoop performers, hoop dancers, rhythmic gymnasts, and hoop parties. Suitable for both adults and kids. 

This deluxe hula hoop spins with a smoothness and speed that is unmatched in our collection. If you are looking for a high-impact performance or party hoop, look no further. 

Solar Eclipse is a classic hoop that mesmerizes onstage, on the dance floor, and outdoors. By day, she sparkles in the sunshine. At night, drop a UV light and watch her pop. 

The ideal hula hoop for both on and off-body tricks.

We love the Solar Eclipse for its goldilocks weight, high gloss finish, and ultra WOW cosmic power. 

An essential hoop for all hoop queens!  

Sizes: 90cm / 35" for adults and kids aged 8-12. 85cm / 33" for petite adults, experienced hoopers and kids aged 5-7.

*Custom sizing between 55-90cm is available upon request. Simply add a note to your online order form.

Weight: approximately 200 grams / 0.44lb

Tubing size: 19mm / 3/4 inch (0.78")

Available in
single and twin packs. 

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