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The Antimicrobial Debug Copper Hoop

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The Antimicrobial Debug Hoop is a hoop that is wrapped in pure copper tape.

Copper is a well known antimicrobial material that has been shown to effectively kill bacteria and viruses on its surface, reducing the level of contamination much faster when compared to non-copper materials. 

As a recent Vice article asks, why isn't it everywhere? 

Lead Time The Debug hoop is made-to-order and takes longer than a standard hoop to make due to the properties of the copper tape. Please allow an extra week for The Debug hoop to ship. 

Surface Finish As the tape is pure copper metal, it's not as smooth as a hoop wrapped in a plastic tape. There may be small ripples and other surface imperfections on the hoop that will soften over time as the copper conforms to the shape of the hoop through use. 

Oxidation Copper oxidises over time to form a dark green patina. This does not affect its antimicrobial efficacy but it will change its appearance. You can polish your hoop with a soft cloth and a metal polishing liquid such as Brasso

Health Note Hoop Empire is not making any specific claims as to the health benefits that may or may not be provided by using The Debug hoop vs a normal plastic hoop. There are many factors involved in the transmission of germs, and whilst copper surfaces are proven to reduce microbe populations more rapidly than non-copper surfaces, they don't eliminate them instantly. Proper hygiene and sanitation practices are still important to observe.