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Rainbow Glow Hoop

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Get the Rainbow Glow ON with our Super Grip Glow in the Dark Hoop!

Glows up to 24 hours with gradually diminishing brightness.

Glow tape is UV resistant and is good for long-term outdoor use, in terms of years.

Any type of light will charge the tape, but sunlight, halogen, xenon, & fluorescent lights can fully charge the tape in 5 minutes. Hoop can be recharged nearly an indefinite number of times and can last as long as 20 years.

Featuring UV sensitive rainbow coloured grip tape for black light moments! A hoop jam packed with experimental light experiences.

Slightly heavier than non-super grip glow hoops. Weighs approximately 300 grams.

85cm for petite sized adults and kids. 100cm for average sized adults.