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PolyPro Hula Hoops - Featherlight

Polypro Featherlights are ideal dance hoops for adults, kids, beginners, rhythmic gymnasts and experienced hoop dancers. Fast, light and super fun!

19mm tubing | 180gm weight.

Polypro Featherlight hoops are ideal for advanced hoopers, new hoopers who want to practice hand hooping without the extra weight and kids.

Hoops can feel heavy in the hands! Not with these feathers - weighing approximately 180gm they float beyond our Weighted PolyPro Hoops (365gm), Weighted Dance Hula Hoop (470gm) and Weighted Fitness Hula Hoop (500gm).*

Available in lavender purple, aqua blue, fluoro orange, solid gold, metallic silver and translucent white.

Polypro Featherlight hula hoops are the ultimate fast and floaty spin. For advanced hoopers, these hoops open up a range of moves purely with their speed & lightweight versatility.

90cm: if you are downsizing from larger hoops and for kids aged 8-12.

85cm: if you are experienced with small hoops and for 
kids aged 5-7.

 * Please note all weights are approximate and vary slightly with each hula hoop.


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