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Glam Hula Hoops

Glam hoops for glamorous hoopers.

Hula hoops that will keep you hooping for days! The purrrfect gift hoop with that extra bit of sparkle and FUN. Let's get your glam hoop ON! Suitable for kids of all ages and sizes. 

This limited collection is available in all sizes until stock lasts.

Size recommendation + weight:

75cm - for children 3-5 years old (lightweight polypro hoop)

85cm - for ages 6-8 (lightweight polypro hoop)

90cm - for ages 9-11 (lightweight polypro hoop)

95cm - for ages 12+ and petite adults (weighted dance hoop)

100cm - for beginner adult hoopers with average body size (weighted dance hoop)

108cm - for curvy adult hoopers (weighted fitness hoop - 550grams)

* Hot tip for adults - the bigger the hoop, the easier it is to spin!  

* Lightweight hoops are made from featherlight polypro tubing and weigh approximately 350-400 grams

* Weighted hoops are made from weighted polypro tubing and weigh between 450-550 grams.