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Hoop Kids Teacher Training Program

Hoop Kids Teacher Training Program - Teach Kids How to Hula Hoop

The ultimate program to teach kids how to hula hoop!

Introducing: The Hoop Kids Teacher Training Program.

“If you have a desire to share your love of hooping with the world, educate children and get the younger generation wiggling, you need to enrol in this course.”Caitlyn

Australian hoop dance community founder, Bunny Hoop Star shares her cutting edge teaching strategies for leading FUN,
booked out and highly successful kids hula hoop classes.

What the Program Delivers

3 Downloadable Action Resources to get you and the kids into the spin including:
3 Manuals, 7 Video Lessons, 7 Class Curriculum + Bonus Material.
My proven formulas that have been tried and tested over 2000 hours of hoop class time.
A map to successfully lead a series of classes, single workshops and interactive hoop parties.
The art of captivating kids’ attention with the magical qualities of the hula hoop.
A process to activate the magical qualities in you.
Essential teaching techniques.

Ready to Spin?

Are you ready to have the time of your life in the hoop
AND earn great money?

From Bunny:

The reality is, I have never put money first. My philosophy has always been to choose happiness and let the rest follow... and it has. After 22 years of hooping and 10 years in the Hoop Biz I am here to let you know, it is so entirely possible to make more money than you ever dreamed of through the hoop.

Hoop Kids Teacher Training Program is for you if:

You are hooper who wants to share hoop joy with kids
You are a youth leader who hoops and now you want to teach it
You have at least 6 months spin time under your hoop belt
You are seriously into fun, colour and creative movement education
You want a structured curriculum with fun and engaging games
Your answer is YES but you are not sure how


The Hoop Kids Teacher Training Program
gives you the map to master any class, workshop or interactive party!

“I took the Hoop Kids program because I wanted to learn skills and develop confidence teaching kids hoopla. What I most got out of it was developing confidence to teach kids to hula hoop and learning some strategies to manage the fears and doubts in my mind. Now I am ready to go forth and hoop! I want to infiltrate child care centres, primary schools, secondary schools, parties, holiday programs, parks… and bring Hooptopia and joy spirals to all!” Donna

Want the Map?

More than ever, kids need people who know how to master magic.
Hooping moves more than bodies - it shifts emotions, energy & activates our sense of love & compassion for each other.

As you explore a range of fun and educational themes, you will discover:

The subtle keys to creating success in your kids classes
The distinct learning needs of children and how you can meet them
The power of “edutainment” for you, as an entertaining educator
How you can playfully instruct kids
How you can effortlessly navigate multi-leveled classes
Your own style... and so much more

“I took the Hoop Kids program because I wanted to start teaching hoops in general. What I most got out of it was the realisation that the thought of teaching children excites me just as much, if not more than my original idea of teaching adults. Now I am ready to plan my exit from my full time job and become a professional hula hoop dance teacher by the end of 2014.” Caitlyn

Download 3 Action Resources to get you and the kids into the spin!

Multimedia downloadable learning package includes:

3 training manuals
7 video lessons
7 class teaching curriculum

Bonus material:

Hooping for Beginners 60 minute digital course

Time to master hoop magic?

About Hoop Kids

I realised, after 21 years in the hoop, and a decade of operating a kick-A hula hoop business that beyond teaching, performing and making hoops…
The real fun is with kids.
Kids get it.

They getwhat it is to turn a piece of plastic into the most magical experience in life.
They get that exciting spaces, places and creatures - defined by the hoop - exist!
Kids getthat the hoop is the golden key to FUN!
AND just like me, they LOVE colour!!!

The Program

Hoop Kids is designed as an 8 week self-directed online study program including a combination of written, photographic and video material that explores each week’s theme, objective, goal, game and skill focus. Within the material you will receive teaching theory, essential class elements, lesson overviews,
trick instruction, trouble-shooting techniques and key tips on developing your own class or program that has your own distinct style to it.

The Hoop Kids program contains eight learning modules and seven classes, with the last learning module dedicated to review. Each module and class is themed to highlight the importance of stimulating the imagination of both children and their leaders with engaging, fun and creative styles of learning.
Hoop Kids themes encourage fun, play, participation, imagination, dance, diversity, creative expression, self-direction, social interaction, inclusivity & community.

By studying and delivering the program over several weeks you give yourself, and the kids you teach, time and space to absorb, explore and retain the vast field of knowledge that the Hoopiverse has to offer. If you are teaching one-off workshops or interactive parties, Hoop Kidsgives you seven different themes and approaches to explore. 

In depth focus will be given to:

The essential keys to a successful class
Differences between teaching kids and adults
What you must know about connecting with kids
How to adapt classes into interactive parties
Teaching multi-level and multi-age classes
Developing your unique class or program
What it takes to be a bad-ass performer

“I took the Hoop Kids program because…I want to share the joy and fun of hooping.  What I most got out of it was…a motivation to create a hoop career and the realisation that hooping for me is all about connection to our Self, to others and to the Earth and how much I wish to share that information with the world. Now I am ready to…spread my wings.” Jacki

Ready to spread your wings?

About the Program Creator

Bunny Star is the founding owner and creative director of Australia’s first hula hoop business, Hoop Empire, established in Sydney in 2005. Bunny is also the founding creative director, writer, coordinator and presenter of Hoop Kids - a dedicated kids hoop program. Having introduced the international “hoop dance” community to Australia, Bunny’s mission is to encourage and guide children of all ages, skill and size to rediscover the lost art of movement and play. Bunny has taken a leading role in training and mentoring some of the world’s most dynamic and passionate hoop dancers to become professional hoop entrepreneurs. Through hula hoop lessons, teacher training, entertainment, blogging and a never ending supply of hoops this intergalactic hoop star is at your service!

What people are saying about Hoop Empire:

“I cannot recommend Hoop Empire highly enough. Bunny has been providing hooping classes at our active after school care program for approximately 5 years. The children love hooping and developing their skills and the interaction which they have with Bunny and the staff, who have also learnt to hoop. We have watched our children who have been fortunate enough to hoop with Bunny each term become truly amazing hoopers. Hoop Empire is now a permanent deliverer to our AASC program each year.” Gayle Rowe, Collaroy Plateau OOSH

“Bunny’s hooping programs are full of fun for the children and cater for all ages and abilities. Hooping is a great activity because it can be practiced with friends or by yourself thus allowing children to be active in any environment.” Leisl Stimpson, Regional Coordinator AASC Program, Australian Sports Commission

“I want to personally thank you for your amazing classes each week and the inspiration and energy that you give our children. We all love the day you come to our school.” Enid, St Ives Public School