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Weighted Dance Hula Hoops - Rainbow Collection

Weighted dance hula hoops for adults & kids. Weighted dance hoops are ideal for beginners who are hooping for fitness, exercise, weight loss & a hoop workout.  

 A selection of multicoloured spinning gems ideal for circus and hoop dance styles.

Available in 100cm for average-sized adults and 85cm for kids, pro hoopers and petite adults.

Lucky Dip Party Packs are available in quantities of 6 and 12 at reduced bulk prices.

These dance hula hoops weigh in at approximately 450 grams making them a slightly weighted experience ~ not too heavy, not too light!

We recommend our Weighted Fitness Hoops for larger sized adults, Poly Pro Featherlights if you want a super light hula hoop and Poly Pro Dance Hoop if you are looking for something in between.

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