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Deluxe PolyPro Hula Hoops

Lightweight PolyPro hula hoops for hoop dancers and rhythmic gymnasts. Ideal hula hoops for adults and kids available in super light 16mm (5/8") and 19mm (3/4") options. 

An essential hula hoop for all Hoop Queens!

Hoop Diva polypro hoops glide and spin with a smoothness and speed that is as yet unmatched in our hula hoop collection. 

Made from feather light polypro* and decorated with super shine exotic tape, Hoop Diva hoops are entrancing!

We've included an Alternative Rainbow with ALL the colours in case you can't decide which one you love the most. 

Options: 85cm + 90cm diameters | 16mm + 19mm tubing.

* Each hoop weighs approximately 200grams