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PolyPro Hula Hoops - Featherlight

Polypro Featherlights are lightweight hula hoops for adults, kids, rhythmic gymnasts, beginner and experienced hoop dancers. Fast, light, and fun!

Hula hoops can feel heavy in the hands! Not with these feathers. Polypro Featherlight hoops are ideal for advanced hoopers, new hoopers who want to practice hand or arm hooping and hula hoop tricks, and for kids.

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Sizes: 90cm / 35" for adults and kids aged 8-12. 85cm / 33" for petite, experienced hoopers and kids aged 5-7.

Weight: approximately 180 grams / 0.4lb

Tubing size: 19mm / 3/4 inch (0.78")

Packs and colours: twin pack (same colour) / 5pack available in single or multicolour selections. 

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