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Kids Hula Hoops

Kids hula hoops that sparkle and shine! Our Summer collection is filled with all the colours of the rainbow, super cute patterns and a NEW glow in the dark hoop!

Designed especially for kids, these hoops are ideal for kids aged 6-12 years old. 

Sized at 85cm and weighing approximately 470 grams, these hula hoops spin with the purrrfect size and weight for successful hooping.

Our glow in the dark hoop - Galactic Glow - is made from super bright high grade glow!

For kids starting to hoop on their arms - and for kids aged 3-5* - we recommend our Featherlight PolyPro hoops, which you will find here, or our blinged up Featherlight Hoop Diva collection - decorated with the shiniest tape on the planet - which you will find here

* For kids aged 3-5 we recommend Featherlight PolyPro hoops custom sized to 75cm in either our standard featherlight or Hoop Diva range. Simply place a note in your online order form and we will resize at no extra charge.