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ECO Fitness Hula Hoop

Our NEW Eco Fitness Hula Hoop is now shipping worldwide!


Weighted Fitness Hula Hoops are the perfect exercise hula hoop for adult beginners hooping for fitness, weight loss, and core training. Abdominal exercises have never been so much fun!

This is the ultimate weighted fitness hula hoop for beginner hoopers with curvy bodies.

Pro-tip: bigger, heavier hula hoops spin slower, making it easier to connect with the hoop.

Available in 3 styles - Naked, Sports and Glam Hoop models. See below for a description of each of these models. 

Coils down to half-size for easy travel and ships in a box. 

Made with our custom-made, unbreakable metal joiner making this your forever fitness hoop.

Your 5 year warranty includes an annual tape touch-up for both Sports and Glam Hoop models. Send your hoop back once a year for five years for a hoop salon touch-up! 

: 108cm / 42 inches 

Weight: approximately 500gms / 1.1lb 

Tubing size: 25mm / 1 inch

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    NAKED - Its very own natural self.
    SPORTS - a strip of grip for training.
    GLAM - a touch of sparkle for party time!

    Eco Naked is the perfect choice for you if you simply want to hoop! 

    Ideal for both adults and kids, our Eco hoop is a medium weighted hula hoop that makes hooping on the waist and hula hoop tricks in the hands both easy and fun. 

    Eco Sports is designed with a pop of colour that adds grip to your hooping experience.

    Our sports model not only looks sleek, but is purposefully designed with a strip of grip for hoopers who want to train advanced on-body tricks, such as hooping on the chest or legs. 

    This model comes with an annual FREE re-taping service to keep your hoop in top condition. Send your hoop back once a year for five years for a hoop salon touch-up! 

    Eco Glam is your ultimate designer hoop beautifully handcrafted with sparkle and grip.

    The perfect party hoop to bling up your life or to give as a gift to a loved one. Inspired by the rainbow, we love to invite colour into our hoop play to amp up the joy that is hula hooping. 

    We decorate our hoops with high quality sparkle tape sealed with grip tape. This protects the sparkle tape from chipping off and keeps your hoop in excellent condition.  

    This model also comes with an annual FREE re-taping service to keep your hoop in top condition.


    • 3 video lessons to learn how to hoop.
    • 5 year warranty.
    • Annual tape touchup for Sports and Glam models.

    All Eco Hoops come with a 5 year warranty, which covers any accidental hoop breakages and, for Sports and Glam styles, annual tape touchup to keep your hoop in top condition.* 

    You also get 3 BONUS video lessons from the Hoop Body Workout and Hoop Magic online courses.

    * Annual reconditioning is offered over a period of 5 years. 

    * Customers must pay for shipping both ways for reconditioning of hoops.