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Spinning Hoops into Gold

Prepare for lift off! This is your inflight service on the HoopShip Enterprise! As you prepare to sail the wild hoop seas in pursuit of treasure, Spinning Hoops into Gold is your 101 guide to navigate the often tricky terrain of Hoop Biz.


Spinning Hoops into Gold

Spinning Hoops into Gold is your ultimate hoop business guide written by me, Bunny HoopStar.

After 22 years in the hoop and 11 years in hoop biz I am here to share with you what it takes to create a successful hoop career. This content is pure gold written from my heart with honest and authentic direction and real life inspiration.

Spinning Hoops into Gold covers:

  • Your unique gift and talent
  • Accessing your creative essence
  • Branding essentials
  • Product development
  • Professional development
  • Content creation
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Pricing + accounting + time management
  • Equipment + admin

Spinning Hoops into Gold maps my journey from a startup hoop biz into the abundant hoop filled Empire that my business is today.

This 140+ page beautifully designed book covers all the essential elements of building and developing your hoop business PLUS I've included a stellar selection of favourite images from my personal Hoop Diva collection.

Who is Spinning Hoops into Gold for?

  • Hoop Divas who answer YES to any or all of the below:
  • You want to be a Hoop Boss but feeling unsure or stuck. 
  • You're ready to go from overwhelm and confusion to clarity and strategic action.
  • You're feeling lost, scattered or disorganised and need a master plan to mentor you.
  • You crave discipline but don't know where to start.
  • Your inspiration is calling but you don't know how to activate it.

Get your copy of Spinning Hoops into Gold NOW to activate your hoop business! 

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